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Services We Provide

Discover how we have truly mastered a professional way to manage your association.

Financial Services

Our financial services include but are not limited to:

  • Budget Preparation

  • Monthly Owner Statements

  • Monthly Association Statements

  • Collection of dues

  • Payment of association bills and invoices

  • Tax preparation and filing

  • Financial Planning


Each association's funds are retained in separate accounts in the association's name. Additionally, our office employs a financial management system to maintain and detail every day finances. 

Homeowners can access their accounts to make payments and view payment history.

Administration & Communication

Our team organizes and attends all Board of Directors and Annual Association meetings. We are responsible for recording the minutes and assisting the flow of these meetings and compiling meeting packets and agendas.


Our seasoned team provides:

  • Skilled file management and maintenance

  • Professional, prompt communication across all channels

  • Timely, competitive bids and estimates

  • Assistance with purchasing needs


We preserve a prime focus in the knowledge and understanding of each association's Master Deed & By-Laws. Our experience and professional legal relationships allow us to be readily available to offer guidance for policy enforcement. 


Our services include ongoing property maintenance and  management. In our years of extensive experience, we have built long-standing relationships with the best resources for  addressing our properties needs and preserving their property's fresh, well-kept appearance.


Living at the beach offers great weather most of the year. As such keeping our communities in excellent condition is a top priority. Our team inspects communities regularly to assure our homeowners investments are well cared for.  Our proactive approach to pool maintenance, landscaping, general maintenance and repair keeps properties updated to our homeowners' standards.

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